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Link Tracker: A Rank Tracking Tool For Enhanced SEO


Keeping track of links to a webpage can be a tedious job, particularly if you decide to check each link to your site. If your website has hundreds of backlinks, monitoring each connection manually is impossible. This is where a link tracker tool is useful because it will do the work that will take you forever.


The URL Trace Tool - Link Tracker


Do your regular link audit by keeping track of any page with backlinks. Link Tracker lets you keep track of stats about links. You can use this tool to check if a link is indexed, has page authority, has domain authority, and is life.


This link tracker can be used in the following ways:


Keeping track of the links to your site may be a lot of work, especially if you have to go through each one individually. You don't need to track each link by hand if you have a website with thousands of backlinks. With the link tracker tool, you can do work that would start taking you a long time to do by hand.


Tracking Google links with Link Tracker


You have to open your search browser, go to our tool site, and click on the "Link Tracker" icon. Fill in the necessary information and click "Track Now." This tool will show the URL, the status of the search engine indexing, and the PR. The site is also checked on the Internet to see if it is life.


With this data, you can determine if a site that links to yours is real. Backlink URLs on your site can be copied and pasted. You can copy and paste from a file with all your links. You can also replicate the backlinks from a tool that shows you all the sites that link to yours.


First, you should list all the links on your site. If you find anything strange, you can use this tool to learn more about it. This way, you'll save time and work. If search engines haven't found suspicious sites, you can eliminate them. You can also block these sites from accessing your site if you want to.


Tracking URLs is free.


Spam links are easier to find now that there is a better link tracker tool. But many webmasters don't know how to use it properly. A bigger link profile must be utilized for terrible links to be filtered. Most of the time, this takes a lot of time for webmasters. I will use link trackers to gather link metrics to do a basic link audit.


There are many ways to judge whether a link is good or bad. But webmasters want to look at how dangerous and good each link is. SEOs like to look at three things when analyzing a long list of links. These are a few most common ways webmasters figure out how good a link is.


  • Indexing of links: A search engine puts links to web pages in its database by indexing them.

  • The Domain Authority (DA): A website's domain authority (DA) is a score that shows how relevant it is to a certain topic or industry.

  • The Page Authority (PA): A web publication's Page Authority (PA) shows how well it will rank on the search engine.


The more links a website does have, the better it ranks on search engines, with SEO, and among webmasters. After Penguin and changes to Google's algorithm, it was all over. Even sites with good content were penalized if they used "spammy" backlinks. Free URL tracker software lets users figure out what each link is worth and go back over their steps.


Spam links were being sold openly on the Internet, which led to the problem. Swindlers made and sold a "link farm," and site owners fell for it. That was the end of the idea that links to a website could come from anywhere. Google, a great search engine, looked at this many links.


When its crawler saw that the links were spam, it put the site on a "black list." After this painful lesson, SEOs have become more careful about where and how they put links. The last thing a website owner needs is to be blacklisted and taken off of search engines. Search browsers are used by everyone who uses the Internet.


If search engines can't find a website, they won't be able to find it for you. Some websites let links to them come from other websites. But the webmasters of these sites can't just let every other website on the Internet link to them. If you let other sites link to yours, it's crucial to maintain an eye on the connections to your site.


Track what kinds of links This Free Link Tracking Application Tracks.


Most websites have internal and backlinks. However, this free URL tracker only keeps track of backlinks. Backlinks let people who visit your website go to other sites by clicking on them. A link to some other website is called a "backlink." Backlinks are always a part of Wikipedia articles.


There are links to other websites in the articles on this website. A website may have a backlink that is italicized or underlined. Most websites set up their backlinks differently, and I guess it depends on how they are set up. Google's robot looks at backlinks to see if they work.


We've already talked about how Google deals with websites that have spam links. Because of this, you should keep track of links to your site. Use click-tracking tools or Google Analytics to track who clicks on links to and from your website. Find out how to keep track of clicks with Google Analytics.


Safeguard Your Website


It is important to check your website's links every so often to keep spam and hackers from getting in. Their goal is always to break into websites and do damage that can't be fixed. Are using this handy link tracker along with the other things you need to do for your website.


Your web host will employ a firewall to keep viruses and other bad software from getting into your site. But links can hide bad things and make websites useless. You can track your website by putting the HTML tracking code in the header section. You will continue to use the "Link Tracker" utility to look at and check the links.


You can access the tool for free at any time. You might require to add it to your SEO toolbox and use it often. Link building is more than just making links. Building links is important! At one time, the most successful link-building campaigns all used the same anchor text, and the number of links was more important than their quality.


Google's algorithm updates, as well as Penguin, will end all of this. Backlinks from websites with a lot of spam have also been punished. Some of us did live happily ever after. Even so, many people are returning and trying to catch up. With the URL tracker tool, you can find out more about the worth of each link.