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Our website is a free online provider where you can find information about every website registered online. Our software gathers data from many different sources in real-time and gives you a full report. Our Tool service is free, and there is no limit on how many times you can look something up daily.

What is WHOIS?

When you register a website name, the Web Company for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is in charge of the domain name method, requires that your domain registrar add your personal contact information to the WHOIS database. Once your domain name is on this online list, anyone who uses the WHOIS search tool to look up the domain name can see the information.

Needed Information for WHOIS Listing:

⦁    WHOIS gives you information about who owns your domain.
⦁    WHOIS showed when your domain name was registered and when it would run out.
⦁    The public can see your contact information (Title, Email Address, and Phone Number).
⦁    Net4 also allows its clients to go for WHOIS Privacy if they don't want their information to be made public.

What's a WHOIS Checker?

Whois is a simple text protocol that gets information from a database of Web sources. It can find out who owns or is registered to use a resource, such as a website name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system number (ASN).

Information that is sent back includes physical addresses, email addresses of system employees, names, and phone numbers. The DNS servers that a website uses to identify itself are also shown. Many domain registration services offer a private listing where the domain owner's information can be hidden. These became common when spam was sent to domain owners in large numbers.

The Whois protocol was mostly based on the Finger protocol, dating back to 1977 when the Web was just starting (ARPANET). The Finger protocol let you "finger" a distant host, and the response from the plaintext protocol told you who was using the system (and how lengthy they had been logged on).

Whois is still a simple protocol that uses plaintext and has a server part that listens on TCP port 43. Customers set up a link to this port and send a text file with the domain name or IP address they want to look up in the Whois database. Because that protocol is so simple, a telnet client can be used to ask the whois service a question.

How To Use A Whois Checker?

It is the best and most reliable whois checker tool you can use online.

⦁    You can start by pasting or writing the URL of your site.
⦁    Now it's time to click "Submit" in the second step. Our tool will handle the rest!
⦁    After you've done the first two steps, finishing the job will only take a few minutes.
⦁    Now your domain information is all set.

All the information about when a domain will expire, when it was bought, etc., is included in the output.