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Broken Links Finder Tool

The Broken Links Finder tool can find all broken URLs or errors like 400, 300, etc. Broken links can hurt your search rank. If you buy this tool, you can find all the broken links and eliminate them. With the broken link checker, you can find a broken link with just one click.

The Broken Links Checker is a helpful SEO tool that lets you look at your website for broken links. You already know that broken links are bad for your website because they don't show the content that is supposed to be on those links.

With the Broken Links Finder, you can look at your blogs and websites to see if there are any broken links. You can scan as many website pages as you want with the Broken Links Finder to find any broken links that could hurt your website's ranking. Online Web Site Hyperlink Checker is a tool every web admin should use. It means you can check to see if there are any broken links on your website.

People who use the web get annoyed when they click on a hyperlink that doesn't work. This is true whether or not it's a hyperlink to a web page that doesn't exist on your website because you took it down or renamed it or if it's a hyperlink to a web page you don't have management over. Your problem is a broken link on your website, and Online Website Hyperlink Checker will assist you in identifying the problem as soon as possible.

Broken Links Checker

This tool has a great list of websites that use it to fix broken links, including the websites for the London Olympics in 2012. This is enough proof to show that this tool works.


⦁    A completely online tool, so you can use it from anywhere and on any computer, no matter what operating system it uses.
⦁    You can scan unlimited pages and links, both inside and outside the site. When you pay for a subscription, they should be unlimited.
⦁    The tool shows you where the broken link is in the HTML code of your website, so you can immediately find the HTML tag that contains the broken link.


⦁    Not completely free. The free version has a limit of 3,000 pages, but there is no limit on how many links can be on those pages. Try the free version initially, and if you like it but it doesn't meet all of your needs, buy the paid version. The price will depend on your website, and you will get a proposal based on your needs.

Broken Link Checker

SortSite's error checks include:

⦁    HTML: Look for pictures that are missing and broken links.
⦁    CSS: Check for broken @import statements and missing background images
⦁    PDF: Find broken links in PDF files
⦁    Workplace: Find broken links in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
⦁    RSS: Check for broken RSS feeds
⦁    Script Errors: Find ASP, ASPX, and PHP errors and warnings. Plus: Find server configuration errors, expired domains, and bad SSL certificates.

The results of the tool Broken Links Checker are:

⦁    HTTPS availability
⦁    Canonical URL is present
⦁    Favicon Presence
⦁    Whether or not are links to any social media sites that are known.
⦁    Used the URL list to find HTTP status codes.