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In the simplest terms, the title of the page size checker tool tells you what it does. With this tool, you can review the size of any website page in a matter of seconds and for no cost. This tool can tell you how big a web page is. You need to put the website page URL in the field, and we'll take care of the rest.

To fix this, you need a tool to determine the right size of each page and change it accordingly. As the average speed of the internet around the world goes up, browsers can load web pages that are only 25–30 kb in size. But not every place has this level of speed, which can affect the market for a product or service.

A page size checker will tell you how big a page is in bytes and kilobytes. It helps determine the things causing the speed to go up or down. Developers can easily find content that doesn't add anything and get rid of it.

Where It's Utilized

This tool was made especially for websites on the internet. By putting the URL into this tool, anyone can find out how big a website is. Your question might be, What's the end of this tool? We've all seen websites or web pages that take a long time to load.

If you have a website, you'll want people to visit it and spend time there so you can get a lot of visitors. But if you know how big the pages of your website are, you can figure out how long it will carry and if there's anything you can do to keep the speed of the pages loading.

How does the tool for checking page size work?

Anyone can use a web page size checker tool without technical knowledge. We've already discussed the websites you can visit to find out how big each page is. How does the web page size checker tool work? Here is a simple plan that everyone should follow: -

⦁    When you open one of these online tools, you'll see a page where you can type in the web addresses. Always choose a tool that lets you keep an eye on several pages simultaneously. It's clear that a website can have more than one page, whether it's for an e-commerce business or just an informative blog.
⦁    In the space, copy and paste the maximum number of links that are having trouble loading slowly.
⦁    Click on "Proceed" to start the process, and then wait a few seconds.
⦁    You can see the results of each web page in a table, which shows the size of the page in both bytes and kilobytes.
⦁    Compare it to your competitors' page sizes to determine if your site is faster or slower.
⦁    Use some effective steps right away to slow it down, whether it's moving at a normal speed or slower. It might be helpful to get rid of multimedia and shorten JavaScript. It is recommended that you don't change the text content part because it is the most informative part and has backlinks for indexing and ranking the page.