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About Bulk Domain Age Checker

Bulk Domain Age Checker: Find Out The Age Of Domains Quickly


It would help if you had a domain to have a website and make it accessible online. When you buy a domain, you have two main choices. The first thing you can do is buy a new domain. The second choice is to buy a domain that already exists.


Some businesses or owners who don't know much about how websites work might think domain names are much better than those already there. Because of this idea, we think brand-new things are better than used ones. Well, when it comes to a domain, things are different. You will be better off if you buy the one already there.


What is a Domain Age?


Domain age is the amount of time a domain name has been around. This refers to the very first time Google indexed the domain name. Instead, since the online registration of the domain name. For example, if you bought a domain name for your site in 2015, it will be 5 years old in 2020.


What is a Domain Age Checker?


You might require to know how old a domain is for several reasons. First, you might own that webpage and want to utilize the age of your domain to your advantage. Second, it could be because it's your competitor's site, and you want to see what they have that you don't. Third, it could be because you'd like to buy that domain.


The age of the domain you would like to buy will help you decide whether or not to buy it. The longer a domain has been around, the better. So, now that you know how different old domains are, you can make an informed decision about which ones to buy. 


We are using a domain age checker to determine how old the domain is. It is a tool for search engine optimization that gives accurate information about how old a domain is. You only need to click a few times to get the needed data. Because of this, both beginners and experts like to use this tool.


How can I use the Bulk Domain Age Checker?


Our bulk domain age checker will give you different kinds of information, such as:


Domain Age


With the full - feature of your report, you can get an answer to the question "How old is this website?" right away. Age gives the years, months, and days a domain has been around. If you like reading about the little things, scroll down to this part of your report.


Date of Expire


When a domain name stops working is shown by its expiration date. If the owner of the domain name doesn't renew it, it can be bought by someone else. For example, someone bought Google's domain name for $12 in 2015. Google's capital market invested $12,000, and the original buyer gave the money to charity.


The date of creation


A website's creation date showed when it was made, along with the date and time. The year, month, and day format is M d, Y, which looks like June 7, 2022.


Last Changed Date


The last update's date showed when the domain name's owner renewed it. It has both the date as well as the time written on it. In this part of a domain age checker report, the time is shown as a 12-hour clock, and the date is shown as the year, month, and day.


WHOIS Details


You can find a lot of information in the "More Information" section, such as:


  • Registry domain ID

  • Registrar WHOIS server

  • Registrar URL

  • Domain status

  • And more


Why should you employ a tool to check the age of many domains at once?


A bulk domain age checker tool, like ours, can help you quickly find answers to questions like:


  • What's the age of this website?

  • When did this site get started?

  • When does this website's domain name expire?


For example, did you know that www.apple.com was around before Google? The domain name was registered over 30 years ago, but Google didn't start up until a few years within a week of Apple's website. A website age checker can be used to find out fun facts about well-known brands, but it can also help businesses compete in search results with their rivals.


For example, it could be used as part of a search engine optimization competition study (SEO). Read on to find out how the age of your domain affects SEO and your ability to get free traffic to your site. Spoiler: Older domains have more authority than newer ones, which could assist them in ranking higher in search results. However, some older domains with a history of spamming do not do as well.




Domain age checkers can tell anyone, whether they are a buyer, a seller, or a middleman, how old a website is. The age checker on this site is a very helpful tool. But it is also limited because it only tells how long a web page has been.


It can't tell you how to best use the information it gives you. Sites that have been around longer do better in search engine rankings. The data show that older sites are more experienced and have better backlinks than newer ones. So, as the owner of a website, you need to take action, learn as much as possible, and optimize your site.