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Welcome to the online word and character counter, which helps you figure out how many words are in an article, essay, or another piece of writing. It won't be possible to track how many words are in your article or blog.

It's important to write unique, SEO-friendly content with the right amount of keywords. Also, you would have to count the words to do that. You no longer have to count the words one by one if you use the word counter. It will come up with results that show how words are used in an article.

How does an online tool that counts words work?

When you use our free word calculator, one of the best things is that it helps you check the correct number of words and does all the work for you. Every article posted on the Internet has a certain number of words it can have. The whole thing might get boring to read if you go over this limit.

Many websites on the Internet limit the number of words you can use. As a professional writer, it becomes more important to stick to this word limit so that your work is accepted by websites and can be posted easily. Word counting by hand can be one of the most boring jobs in the world. Because of this, many free word counters are easy to find on the Internet.

Why use the free word counter on the Internet?

SEO Team made this great character counter, and the best thing about it is that it's free forever. If you are a writer or an SEO expert and you want to know how many words your content can have, all you have to do is copy and paste it into this box and click the "count words" button.

In a few seconds, the result will show up on your screen. The finest part is that you can utilize our online free word count tool on your computer or mobile phone screen and get accurate results.

Another great thing about the word counter is that the result it gives you is composed of both words and characters. You can use this tool if you require to know the exact number of characters or words you can use when making Meta tags, descriptions, or tweets for Twitter. Just copy and paste your words and click the option to count words.

How do I use the tool to count characters?

⦁    Online word counters are easy to use.
⦁    First, go to the online tool page for counting words and characters.
⦁    Copy and paste the text whose words you want to count.
⦁    To count the words, click the "count words" button.
⦁    After you click, the total number of words and characters will be displayed immediately.

The most important thing to do when using a tool is to ensure that you paste the right information into the counter box. But the MS Word program makes it easy to count the number of words. But you have to turn on some advanced settings. So, the best thing to accomplish is to use our free online word counters that count words automatically. At that time, you need to look at how many characters or words an article or line can have. In this situation, a word count tool can be a big help.