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Website Links Count Checker Tool

Use the "Inner Link Analyzer" tool to find out what links search engine spiders can find on a certain page of your website. Search engines like Google and Yahoo "spider" link to figure out how a website is put together and how pages relate to each other.

Website links Count Checker Tool would then count how many links or URLs leave a page and show the results. This Tool could be useful for a link exchange since you shouldn't trade links with pages with too many links going elsewhere.

It is strongly suggested that you don't trade links with pages that have more than 100 links. This Tool is mostly used to find out how many links on a website go elsewhere. The method could be very simple and easy. Just type the URL into the text box and hit enter.

What is a Link Count Checker Tool?

With this Website links count Checker tool, you can find out how many links are on a website page. External links are very important to the success of a website because they are directly related to the quality of the site and content.

Web admins use this Tool to count the links to other sites to determine how good the site is. Search engines like Google don't like it when websites have too many links that lead to other sites. The search engine may punish a website with too many of these links.

Why is it best to use a link count checker for a website?

Link building takes a lot of time and money to make a website search engine-friendly. While building links to a website is an important part of SEO.

But people often forget that search engines usually use an algorithm to determine how trustworthy the websites that link to them are. This works against your website if you don't build links to it that are trustworthy and of good quality.

Step one of a good link-building exercise is to look at your site's internal, external, and backlinks. If you find pages that don't have a good reputation, it's better from an SEO point of view to get rid of them.

You can use our amazing, free Tool to find these pages and take action against them. When you're done, you can manually check the relevancy of the rest of the pages to make your website even better.

This Tool has these features:

⦁    This free website links to a tally checker tool that does its job without charging anything.
⦁    Our professional team works hard to improve the Tool for even better results.
⦁    You can sign up for the free monthly report, which will be sent to you automatically.
⦁    You can sign up for a paying package for 500 USD per year that will have our skilled team maintain your website for you.
⦁    You can spread the word about your online business or website for free.