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The tool for encoding and decoding is based on BASE64. You can encode or decode your URL in SEO terms with the help of this free tool. It can decode all your JavaScript URLs and demonstrate the best results.

Use the above online tool to encrypt or decrypt a text string. For URIs to work everywhere, they need to be encoded similarly. A two-step process is used to map the large number of characters used around the world to the 60 or so characters that can be used in a URI:

⦁    Use the UTF-Eight encoding to turn the character string into a series of bytes.
⦁    Change every byte that isn't an ASCII letter or number to %HH, where HH is the byte's hexadecimal value.

What is URL Encoding / Decoding?

When you send information through a URL, you should make sure it only uses a certain set of characters, called the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Exchange) character set. URLs often have characters that aren't in the ASCII set, so they need to be changed into a valid ASCII format. This is where URL encoding comes in handy.

URL encoding, also called percent-encoding, is how characters in a URL are changed into ASCII characters. ASCII is a group of 128 characters, including the numbers 0 through 9, the uppercase and lowercase English letters, and a few special characters.

URL encoding lets you replace dangerous characters with "%" followed by two hexadecimal numbers. For example, if your URL has a space, the encoding process will replace it with a plus sign (+) or %20.

How Does Our URL Encoder and Decoder Tool Work?

Our URL Encoder & Decoder tool makes it very easy to encode or decode your URLs. Here's exactly how it works.

⦁    You can choose either the Encoder or the Decoder tab.
⦁    Give the URL that you want to encode or decode.
⦁    Then click the Encode or Decode button.

The output will appear just below the Encode & Decode tool when you click the button.

How Do You Use An Encoder/Decoder?

It is the most effective and trustworthy tool for Encoder or decoder URLs. How to use this device.

⦁    You can start by entering the text you want to encode or decode.
⦁    Now it's time to click "Submit" in the second step. Our tool will handle the rest!
⦁    After you've done the first two steps, it will take time to finish the job.
⦁    Now that your result is ready, you can look at your encode tab and see how it changes or decodes the text you wrote.