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Image Optimizer: How To Shrink The Size Of An Image


Utilizing our Image Compressor, you can make images smaller while keeping the same quality. You can upload up to 20 images and then wait for the results.


How Does Online Image Compressor Work?


Getting an image to be smaller is a pretty easy thing to do. 


  • Drag and drop your image file or click the "Upload" button to send it to the server.

  • Please click the button that says "Compress image."

  • Using an Image Compressor, your file will be shrunk while the quality of the image stays the same.

  • Click the "Download" to save the image.


Please upload one image


You can upload your picture by clicking "Upload" and then choosing it from your computer. You can also use Dropbox to upload pictures. Once you choose a picture, the photo size reduction function will automatically shrink it without you having to do anything else.


Multiple pictures should be uploaded


You can upload more than one picture by clicking "Upload" again or choosing more than one picture from your Dropbox. Once the process is done, you can either download the compressed images or save them to Dropbox. You can only upload 20 pictures at a time, and each picture can't be bigger than 5MB. 


This image compressor uses the smart lossless method to reduce the size of images. This method cuts down on the number of color schemes in the image data while keeping the image's quality and resolution the same as the original. This means that less space is needed to store or send the data. Not only does our tool use less bandwidth, but it loads pretty quickly.


Image compression is the act of making images smaller.


A process called "photo compression" shrinks the size of an image file without changing its quality. Digital photos look and feel the same as regular photos, but they are much smaller, which means they occupy less space and are easier to upload to websites.


Also, you'll be able to keep the image more cheaply and effectively because you'll need much less memory bandwidth and space to upload and download it. Most of the time, a "Photo Compressor" is used to do this.


There are many kinds of tools on the Internet, but it can be hard to find one that you can trust and gives you a fairly clean result. It's not true anymore. You can now use one of the easiest and best image compressors on the Internet right before you.


Size down an image without losing quality.


The image compression tool cuts the size of your photos, images, and graphic documents by a large amount while keeping the highest quality and resolution.


  • You can shrink your photos by up to 70%. (reduce the file size).

  • You can only upload 20 images at a time, and each shouldn't be bigger than 5 MB.

  • Several types of image file formats can be used.

  • It is possible to use lossless compression.


Because of how well this online image compressor works, it's hard to tell the difference between the original and compressed versions. We have an online image compressor that can shrink any image. You can utilize this photo size modifier to compress images for the web, like for social networking, and to store locally. 


You can also utilize this image size reducer to compress JPEG files to 200 kb, 100 kb, 50 kb, or even 20 kb before uploading them to your blog or website. With smaller images, your pages would load faster, making your website run faster and improving its search engine ranking. 


Also, this image size compressor can reduce the size of up to 20 images at once. With a mass image optimizer like this, it's very easy to compress many images simultaneously. This saves hundreds of hours compared to compressing each photo individually.


This photo compressor has the following features:


Here are a few of this online photo compressor's best features.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Images can be shrunk without limits.

  • The best and best-quality compression on the market

  • Multiple files being zipped up

  • Multiple image formats are supported.

  • Online, you can shrink the size of your photos.


Why Do You Need Image Compression Online?


Images need to be compressed a lot of the time. In the next few paragraphs, we'll talk about a few of the most important reasons to reduce the size of an image.


  • It's easy and quick to share pictures.

  • Improve the way applications and websites work.

  • Images that work on phones and tablets

  • Improve how search engines see you.

  • Cut up to half of your CDN bills.




You might begin to be concerned about the security of your images when you upload them to a website to be compressed. All of the images you give are safe and sound. Our servers need not store, look at, or share information about you. Our services are 100% private and confidential.