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About Hex to RGB Color Converter

HEX to RGB Color Converter

Using a simple online tool, you can instantly change a Hex value to an RGB value or vice versa.

What's RGB?

RGB stands for the words "Red, Green, and Blue." And these are the light's main colors.

How does RGB work with color?

RGB is the main color of light, and the RGB color model is an additive color system. This means that the more colors you add, the closer you get to white. Unlike RYB, an additive color system, a subtractive color system means the more you add, the closer you have to black.

What are RGB values?

The RGB value is the amount of red, green, and blue. And each level of intensity is usually based on a scale from 0 to 255. Software editing photos and making graphics, like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Fireworks, show colors in an RGB format.

Why does the range of RGB values go from 0 to 255?

Each channel, which includes Red, Green, and Blue, shows one byte of data since one comprises 8 bits. And each bit is moreover a 0 or a 1. So there are 256 ways each color could be 28. Since 0 is part of it. So it's between 0 and 255.

What is a Hex color?

Hex color is the hexadecimal (words, numbers, or a mix of both) way to describe a color's mix of Red, Green, and Blue.
The # sign is followed by six letters or numbers to make a hex color code. These six letters and numbers show this mix of red, green, and blue.

The first two letters or numbers stand for the color red, the second two letters or numbers stand for the color green, and the last two letters or numbers stand for the color blue. Hexadecimal code is used to tell web pages what color to use. 

RGB Color Values vs. Hex Color Codes

Hex colors can be used on the web. So, no matter what browser or device you use, the color will look the same. Most websites, logos, banners, and ads are made with the help of hex color codes. On the other hand, RGB is used in monitors, TV, cameras, and digital cameras. 

Let's utilize a simple example to display how the whole thing works. Let's say you work as a graphic designer in a software company. A client comes to your software company to have a website designed and built. First, you make a web design that looks good. As I told you before, photo editors and software for making graphics show colors in RGB format.

After the client agrees to the design, you send it to the web development section to be worked on. The Hex color code is needed to set the color on a web page because Hex colors can be used on the web. How can you ensure that the website is built the same way you designed it? And it's about the exact colors you wrote about in your design. You'll turn the RGB value into the Hex color code to eliminate this confusion.