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About Bulk Facebook ID Finder

Bulk Facebook ID Finder: Find the Facebook ID from The Profile URL


Facebook is a website where people can sign up for free and create profiles to connect with friends, coworkers, and people they don't know. It lets people share pictures, songs, videos, articles, and their thoughts and reviews with those they care about.


As soon as the request is accepted, the two profiles are linked, and both users can see what each other posts. Facebook users can put almost anything on their timeline, which is a picture of what is going on in their circle of acquaintances at any given time. They can also have private chats with their online friends.


What is Bulk Facebook ID Finder?


Facebook identity finder is an important tool that makes it easy to find a Facebook ID. When you sign up for an account on this platform, Facebook gives that account a unique URL. The identity of the person who created the account is part of the URL or username.


But now, Facebook lets you make your URL, which means you can use anything you want to call yourself on your profile. You could choose a different name if you don't want to use your real name for your Facebook page or profile URL. This is where things go wrong.


You can't see the name of a website or a profile in the URL. This helps make it a little harder to find an identity on Facebook. That's where our Facebook identity finder for large groups can be used. You can use this tool to easily find out your Facebook identity or the identity of any other Facebook page or profile.


Features of the Bulk Facebook ID Finder:


Easy-to-use ID-finding tool:


The bulk Facebook identity finder is a simple web app that is easy to use. Since this app also works on mobile devices, you can use it anytime, anywhere.


Find a lot of IDs with just one click:


This Facebook ID finder can check more than one ID at once. You can add links for up to 20 different profiles and employ them to track the ids associated with most of the URLs you put into the identity finder.


Does not require registration:


You mustn't sign up for anything to use this app. You don't want to sign up for this tool or the website to use its services. You can install the app on your computer or cell phone for free without having to sign up for the ID finder.


Cost-free to use:


This tool is simple, loose, and easy to use. This app differs from most Facebook ID finders because you don't have to pay. The Facebook id finder can be used without signing up for anything. It is a free web app that people who wish to search for many Facebook IDs at once are told to use.


Searching for a Facebook account by its name: How do I do that?


Using an account's name, you can find it on Facebook.


  • Use a different Facebook account to look for the name of your account.

  • In the search bar, type the name of your account.

  • When you find the account in the search results, copy the username or the link to the account's profile.

  • Upload the link to the profile to the Facebook identity finder to get information about the account.


Facebook Unique ID: How do I find my account's unique ID?


A Facebook unique identification (ID) is a number connected to your Facebook profile. You can get this number by giving the bulk Facebook identification finder the link to your profile. This tool will find the exact name of your Facebook account.


Using Bulk Facebook ID Finder


Follow these steps to use the Bulk Facebook ID Finder to find a large number of Facebook IDs:


  • Enter, type, or copy and paste the URLs of a Facebook ID in bulk, one per line.

  • Just click "Facebook ID."

  • Once the finding process is done, the tool will make many Facebook IDs.


Why should I use the tool to find Facebook IDs in bulk?


You can use several free tools to find out someone's Facebook username. But most of these tools are useful when they can only handle one URL at a time. The efficient bulk Facebook id finder tool lets you add a few links to specific Facebook ids and profiles to find the Facebook ids associated with those links.


This tool is free to use and makes it easy to sign up for a Facebook account online. So, if you must find more than one link to different Facebook profiles and pages, you can paste them into this tool to get an idea of what information is associated with those links.


Bulk Facebook ID Finder: Are the Results Reliable?


You can be sure that the results will be right when you use the bulk Facebook identifying finder tool. This is because it has built high-give-up algorithms to ensure the right things happen.




The bulk Facebook id finder is a Facebook identity locator tool that lets you find a Facebook profile or page based on its URL. Just copy and paste the URL into the box, and the tool will look for an account to figure out who you are.