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About Binary Calculator

A Complete Guide for Beginners to Binary Calculator


It is easy to get confused by all the different methods and formulas. But math can be made easier thanks to the way binary numbers work. Since binary numbers have patterns, it is much simpler to comprehend and do math logically. Because it makes your life easier, the binary calculation is so important. Even though you find binary calculation hard at first, there are additional reasons to use it. You can find answers more quickly than you might think using binary math. 


What exactly is a binary system?


The system is like the decimal system in how it works. Decimal numbers are made up of 10s. The base of the binary system, on the other hand, is the number 2. The numbers 0 through 9 are also used in the decimal system. The binary system has only two numbers: 0 and 1.


A "bit" is the name for each number in the binary system. All other math is done the same way as in the decimal system. The binary number system is the basis for how computers work today.


It is easy to implement in a computer system's internal wiring and workings. Hardware design isn't hard because there are only two possible states: "on" or "off" (equivalent to right or wrong, positive or negative, etc.). Decimals are hard to understand.


What is Binary Calculation?


The binary calculation is exactly what it sounds like: it only uses the numbers 0 and 1 to figure out what to do next. Computer science uses binary numbers, so that's where we'll start with our binary calculation. Even if you aren't a computer geek, you should still discover binary calculation useful.


It's especially helpful for solving science problems and figuring out things based on percentages. Say, for instance, you have a container holding 9 gallons of water. Two gallons of water and eight gallons of air are in that container. If the container can hold 9 gallons of water and 2 gallons of air, there are still 6 gallons left. 


So, 60% of the water is in the container. Long division is also easier when you know how to do binary math. For instance, let's say you want to divide 123 by 7. Well, let's examine what 123 divided by 7 looks like. 123 divided by 7 is 15 plus 32 plus 21 plus 58 plus 35 plus 22. 


You can do the math by dividing the 123 into smaller numbers, called "long division," but it's easier to use binary math. Instead of breaking 123 into 7s and 5s, you merely break it into 0s and 1s. It's easier to work with, and you do not need to be concerned about the ones and tens. It is just simpler to work with binary.


What is the significance of binary calculation?


So, you could be wondering what the big deal is about binary. And the answer is that percentages are easier to figure out in binary! Say you own a business that makes a certain item. And let's say you charge $10 for that product. How much of the $10 is contained in each product you sell?


If you are a consultant, you might be asked to solve an issue involving percentages. If this is the case, you might be looking for binary calculation. It's especially helpful if you have to solve problems with percentages, percentages of percentages, or different factors that are all percentages.


For instance, let's say you're tasked with creating a schedule for a play. It needs a script, a few actors, and some things to act out. The cost of putting on a play consists of three parts: the script, the props, and the actors. You can solve this problem with binary math. You only need to write the script number in binary.


How to Make Binary Calculations in Excel


First, you will need Excel. If you don't, you can get a free trial version here. Next, you'll need to switch your Excel spreadsheet to binary mode. Go to File > Options > Cells to do this. Now that you've turned on binary mode, you can start typing in your binary numbers!


How do binary calculators work?


In a binary calculation, the calculator will turn it into a decimal number if you put a binary number. The formula you type into a cell will then use this decimal number. Then the formula is just a = $BINARY2DEC. For example, if you type the binary number 123 into a cell and press the = button, the computer will figure out that 123 equals 10.


This is because the calculator will turn the binary number into a decimal, which is then utilized in the formula. You can also use binary, hexadecimal, or octal to enter the binary number. If you press the button, the number will be changed to decimal.




At first, binary math can seem strange, but once you get utilized to it, you'll see how useful it is. In computer science, binary numbers are used to help figure out percentages, percentages of percentages, and other things that have to do with percentages. Binary calculators are wonderful because they can turn binary numbers into other decimal numbers and can also be utilized to solve math problems.