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Suspicious Domain Checker

Suspicious Domain Checker protects your website from malware, harmful content, and scripts that could be harmful. So, you'll be able to find out how your website is doing and feel confident about its safety. This free tool tells you if something is wrong in a fair way. It gives you information about malware from many different sources.

A virus can attack your computer, mobile device, and any other device connected to the Internet. Some viruses could mess up the way your computer works. So, you can protect your computer connected to the Internet from virus attacks. You can put up to 20 URLs into the tool. After you've done these things, you can click the "Submit" button. The tool will show you the results right away.

Why did the domain get suspicious?

The pages of the domains were checked to see any malicious codes. Depending on what they do, these codes could be of different types. They can steal information from any user's computer and download and install programs without the user's permission. There may also be auto-run programs that slow down your computers, which could also be a form of a virus.

Hackers could also add code to the site without the owner's permission. But they are very bad for both the customers and the website owner. So, customers and the webmaster or site owner can use our free suspicious area checker to see how healthy their site is.

Precautions to prevent your website's destruction by malicious attacks?

Taking safety steps can keep your website from being attacked by people you don't know. If you use the WordPress content management system, you can use several security plugins to protect your site. Wordfence Safety is my really helpful WP plugin. You can get it free from WordPress plugins, with a paid version with more features.

Make sure your website's admin password is very strong. Hackers often use Burt power attacks to get your password. My suggestion for the password is to use a mix of small and big letters (A, B,......Z), numbers (1,2,.....9), and special characters (! @,......*).

What to do if your website looks suspicious?

If you see anything suspicious on your website, you must take action immediately. Drop the current theme or template because many suspicious codes are put into the "operate.php" theme file.

Try installing the latest theme version you got from a reliable source. If there are any improvements to the CMS or plugins, they should be fixed first. Change the administrator login and data system password so hackers can't get in again.